Paper Flowers Weddings

Affordable, eco-friendly and re-usable alternative to expensive floral arrangements!

Paper flowers are never out of season and never die. They provide brilliant colors that can match wedding color themes and avoid problems that can arise with guests allergies.

Paper flowers are becoming very popular to use at designer shows. Event coordinators use paper flowers to decorate backgrounds, the runways, hair pieces, and paper flowers are even being used to accent their designer gowns.

In Europe a lot of brides are using paper flowers in their weddings and for decorating their receptions.

If you are really wanting to be crafty you can even make your own paper flowers. We have the books on how to create paper flowers for your wedding and the crepe paper for making your paper flowers. This would be a great way for bringing friends and relatives together to help create unique flowers for your wedding day.

All Paper Flowers are carefully designed, packed and shipped within 24 hours of ordering.

Crepe Paper and Supplies

Get supplies and information to make your own paper flowers and paper designs!

Our crepe paper, tissue paper and gift bag selection is easily the largest you will find anywhere online!

Crepe Paper and Other Products

Whether you want to make your own paper flowers or just need to stock up on crepe paper or browse our solid tissue paper selection, we have everything you will need. All orders are usually shipping within 24 hours of ordering.

We ship crepe paper and other paper supplies to all of the USA and Canada and are usually received 5-7 business days once the shipment has left our store.

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